A style of reliable Japanese delicacies, flavors in Houston

HOUSTON – When the world’s biggest sporting celebration is taking area countless numbers of miles away, several Houstonians can respect Japanese cuisine in the heart of Houston, in actuality, right in River Oaks.

Shun Japanese Kitchen is house to lots of authentic Japanese flavors and values. The chef, Naoki Yoshida or Nao-san, claimed his target with his cafe is to spotlight the magnificence and flavors of Japanese delicacies. From the layout of the cafe to the approaches he innovates the menu, Shun Japanese Kitchen is as contemporary as it receives!

Touches of Tokyo line the partitions and ceiling of Shun, a restaurant at the edge of River Oaks that captures the eye of any visitor strolling in. From the wooden sake barrels that greet you when you wander in, to the kimono fabric décor to the solid wooden sushi bar Yoshida constructed and sanded himself, Shun is a sight to see and a location to try out Japanese meals.

“Japanese is in my bloodline, and I feel like it’s been misrepresented for a lot of a long time. It is time for me or a Japanese chef to appear in and sort of alter the game to seriously exhibit was Japanese cuisine is really about,” Yoshida said.


Yoshida has much more than 20 a long time of working experience in Japanese cuisine. He has qualified in pretty much every single space of the small business.

“One of my biggest issues is seasonality. I called the cafe, ‘Shun,’ which implies, ‘Peak of seasons,’” Yoshida reported.

Yoshida explained in Japan, the 4 seasons are a massive section of the tradition with flavors, décor and lifestyles catered to the proper time. Food stuff is no various seasonal ingredients and the freshness of what is in year principles the menu. Freshness is a further high quality.

“Everything in Japan is ordinarily created from scratch,” Yoshida mentioned.

At Shun, almost every little thing is manufactured from scratch, even the sauces, which Yoshida explained are very carefully crafted and assumed out. Some signature dishes incorporate Yoshida’s yellow-tail Crudo, a gorgeous dish manufactured with the freshest yellowtail and seasonal herbs. Yet another Japanese delicacies precedence? — Natural beauty. The yellowtail crudo is very carefully put in the condition of a circle in a exclusive sauce with the herbs are sprinkled on major.


“It’s as if to resemble a pond and water,” Yoshida explained. “(The sauce is) dashi infused with tomato and then we filter it out six times to make positive it is crystal clear.”

Of course, Shun gives contemporary sushi, which Yoshida explained he will get the freshest available or from Japan. Top quality and very careful preparing is the name of Shun’s activity and there are no “busy” topping on the maki.

“Japanese cuisine is about simplicity and the quality of the elements,” Yoshida claimed. “You really do not want everything to get absent from the high-quality of the fish’s flavor.”

The specially glazed candied bacon-wrapped mochi is also eye-catching. The candied bacon and mochi are also built in-residence, which is quite the approach of hammering the rice into a gentle consistency.

“We’re one of the only dining places in Houston that basically make their individual mochi in-property,” Yoshida said.

The food is also meaningful and symbolic.

“Rice is the variety one particular product in Japan that demonstrates anything from starting to stop. From a sustainability (standpoint), it usually takes a year for rice to expand,” Yoshida mentioned.


Yoshida also performs with innovation. A well-known appetizer is the chiashu gyoza. Chiashu is a meat usually use to leading ramen, yet another well-liked Japanese dish. On the other hand, Yoshida wanted to make that the meat of the gyoza, which are common Japanese dumplings that are ordinarily built with a further meat. The gyoza is also garnished with black truffle and served with a house-created dipping sauce. The entire restaurant is carefully crafted and imagined out.

Even his sushi bar is created from scratch!

“I bought the wood slabs. I place it on and it took me 32 hrs to damp sand it down,” Yoshida reported.

Yoshida and his wife, Renee, function in the cafe alongside one another. Yoshida created a lot of portions of the restaurant décor himself. His spouse can make all of the desserts.

“We put our blood sweat and tears into this company,” Yoshida stated.

Yoshida also owns a Japanese snack box enterprise named Nako Bento Box Corporation, which is run out of Shun.


For a lot more facts: www.nakobentobox.com.

It’s their appreciate for Japanese tradition that keeps the seasonal menu transforming and friends coming in.

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