All You Need to Know About the Love Calendar AKA Valentine’s Week

Not only V’Day, but the whole week is filled with days where we can see sharing gifts and wishes. But before February 14, people get excited to hear about Valentine’s Week date sheets that include Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Proposal Day, Pledge Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day Day, and Kiss Day every year. These days begin on 7 February and end on 14 February with the Day of Love, aka Valentine’s Day. For those who want to express their love for a person, this is a special occasion. Below given is the V-day week list, so better get ready to make the most of this special week of the year.

Rose Day- 7 February

The Valentine’s Week list starts with Rose Day, which is celebrated on 7 February every year. On this day, the rose is offered to the person you love as a token of love. We are familiar with the fact that roses can be of different colours and therefore each colour represents different meanings. The red rose represents love and romance, while the yellow rose represents friendship. White roses represent a new beginning or marriage. You can send any colour of rose to whom you wish to express your love. 

Propose Day- 8 February

If you want to clear up the confusion and the ifs and buts about your crush, then it is time to be bold and say how you feel about them. Don’t hold back. If you both have feelings for each other, but want to take it further, Propose Day is the best day to come up with your feelings. If already in a relationship, you can write a lovely poem or express through a thoughtful gift and propose to your beloved again.

Chocolate Day- 9 February

Celebrated on 9 February, Chocolate Day makes your bond special with that one thing that is sweeter than love – chocolates. No wonder Valentine’s week would have been incomplete without devoting one day to chocolate. And the best thing about chocolate is that you can get these in different flavours, sizes and forms. You can send your love a box full of heart-shaped chocolates or a chocolate flavour cake delivery in Chandigarh or wherever you reside. No matter what form chocolates come in, no one can resist the delicious delight. 

Teddy Day – 10 February

Celebrating the fourth day of the week, one gives their partner a cute plush soft toy or teddy to commemorate the day so that it reminds their partner in their absence. A teddy bear is probably the first love of many girls – a constant companion during their bad days or holding a soft pillow as she slowly drifts off to sleep.

Promise Day- 11 February 

There can be no better day to make promises worth remembering. Promise Day is celebrated on 11 February, and it marks several beginnings that are yet to come. This important day can make one feel valued and loved in a relationship. It shows that lovers are dedicated to being a constant source of love and support for each other.

Hug day- 12 February 

A warm and sincere hug from someone you love will remove all the stress from your mind, no matter how tense you are. During Valentine’s Day, Hug Day is the time for your girlfriend, friends, family members to tell them how lucky you are for them in your life. So, when the day of hugs comes, go ahead and flip and give countless hugs to your near and dear person and make their day awesome.

Kiss day- 13 February 

The day before Victory-Day, kissing your partner is like there is no tomorrow. As the name says, Kiss Day is celebrated to express the purest form of love. A kiss on the cheeks or lips can make both of your love hormones go into a frenzy. In addition, said to be the most awaited day of the week, Kiss Day can be wholesome, heart-winning and wonderful, giving you fairytale vibes.

Valentine’s Day- 14 February 

Celebrated on February 14, Valentine’s Day concludes Valentine’s Week. Lovers take a day off from their daily routine to spend quality time with their loved ones. It is a day of joy, a joyous zeal to celebrate love and commitment and find a perfect partner. Happy celebrations!