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Cream of Asparagus Soup

Cream of asparagus soup. Listed here it is served very hot garnished with a few asparagus recommendations. You can also serve the soup chilled.

The arrival of asparagus displays me spring is in this article. I really don’t care if the weather is telling me it’s still winter, drawing its previous breaths. Here’s my equation: asparagus = spring.

These days, of class, many thanks to world-wide merchandising, we can obtain asparagus in our marketplaces (or in our vegetable gardens), where ever spring happens to be.

I enjoy ingesting asparagus in all kinds of approaches: steamed, baked with a grating of Parmesan and a drizzle of olive oil, in a quiche or a salad, and in soup. One particular move I constantly choose — if the spears are extra fat — is to peel them.

I uncovered from observing Julia Boy or girl, way back again when I was a newlywed, that peeling asparagus was the only way to make certain the complete spear would be edible. Lots of yrs later on, when I labored in a Bavarian restaurant in Ulm, Germany, the chef peeled scenarios of white asparagus to completely ready the spears for his specific seasonal menu.

Peeling asparagus is not a chore. Immediately after snapping off the butt ends, you lay the spears on your operate surface and use a vegetable peeler to strip off the hard peel. I give whole directions in the recipe.

When my wife and I had been graduate students, the initially time we had firm above for supper we had been so far powering routine that we questioned our visitors to peel the asparagus although we readied other dishes on our menu. They have been charmed by the plan, and we all experienced a wonderful time.