Austin-filmed YouTube shows are changing the narrative about food, culture

Vianney Rodriguez is the host of the new cooking show on YouTube called "Tex-Mex Queen," which was filmed in Austin last year.

Last August, Vianney Rodriguez and Isabel Protomartir each got a text from Dennis Burnett, an Austin-based filmmaker and producer.

Burnett was teaming up with Mando Rayo, the creator behind and co-author of “Tacos of Texas,” to produce two new food shows on YouTube. 

Protomartir was a Houston marketer who had never created her own food content, while Sweet Life blogger Rodriguez had been writing and posting about food from her South Texas home for more than a decade.

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Starring in a food show had never been on Protomartir’s radar. Rodriguez wrote a cookbook in 2018, but she wasn’t sure if she’d ever have a career on television because she didn’t see cooks like her on mainstream food television.