Best Keto Diet Pills to Lose Weight – Top Keto Weight Loss Supplements

The trueness and effectiveness of Keto diets in helping people lose a sizable amount of pounds has garnered the diet more popularity worldwide. More people yearn for weight loss because of their health, physical appearance, or other possible reasons. The same goes for Keto diet pills/supplements. Many people find it hard to achieve their weight loss goal themselves without reaching out for Keto supplements. Keto supplements help accelerate the Ketosis process within their body system.

As you demand the most proficient Keto pills, I would like to tell you that all Keto supplements are of different quality. Still, overall, potent Keto pills help your body remain in fat-burning Ketosis for a long time so that the weight loss process will be accelerated. There are now hundreds of Keto pill brands in the market. Some of them are filled with false claims and overblown benefits. In contrast, others are effective and backed by scientific proofs and lab tests as they contain the right ingredients in the right other.

Even among the effective Keto diet supplements, they are of different quality and potency. Some use MCTs or coconut oil as their carrier oil, while others use hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts. Hence, Keto diet supplements are different in various ways. This fact shows that it is essential to know the best Keto supplement to buy, so this article is written. If you follow it till the end, you will discover a lot about the best Keto supplement for weight loss in 2021.

For more clarity about the Keto diet and Keto supplement, we will be explaining what the Keto diet is and how it operates in the body for efficient weight loss. Usually, the body depends on carbohydrates for energy; that is why carbs are called energy-giving food. However, the Keto diet helps transit the body into Ketosis, allowing the body to rely on fat for energy rather than carbs. It is regarded as the ideal way of sourcing energy. This way, more body fats are burned off as they serve as the primary energy source for the body.

Shedding off weight will significantly benefit your health, especially if you are overweight. Maintaining a good body mass ratio is vital for health. As your weight reduces, you are sure of getting fit, healthy, and become more physically active. Also, you will have a low risk of developing ailment like diabetes, heart problems, bad cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other. Nevertheless, as beautiful as the Keto diet and its benefits are, it has its shortcomings and won’t result in anything if not well managed. If you are a Keto dieter, you can develop “Keto sickness” characterized by symptoms like nausea, lightheadedness, and tired feeling throughout the day.

Ketosis helps overweight and obese people lose surplus fats in their bodies. For the body to transit into Ketosis, you need to eat fewer carbs and focus more on eating fats and protein, and this forces the body to use fats for energy when the number of carbs in the body gets depleted. Several scientific proofs back the Ketogenic diet and its ways of losing weight. You do not need to worry too much as experts have already planned different Keto meals that you will enjoy. The principle behind this diet is not complicated or hard to understand. While it has been confirmed that there are various sources of energy the body can rely on, body fat is a critical source. As you eat less carbs and more protein or/and fat, you are gradually transiting the body into Ketosis.

However, forcing the body into Ketosis might be rocket science for many people. The body still finds some glucose to feed on within the blood cells; hence, it would take time before the body can entirely rely on fat as an energy source. This is why people are now sorting after Ketogenic supplements. They are natural dietary weight loss pills that help stimulate the transition of the body into Ketosis. The supplements contain different ingredients that make weight loss achievable. Based on our findings and research, the following are popular Keto supplements with trusted components.

  • BioTRUST Keto Elevate
  • KetoCharge
  • KetoBOOST by Prime Health Daily
  • KetoPower Boost by HealthyGen
  • Keto Advanced

It is crucial that as a Keto dieter, you follow the instructions for as long as possible because a slight deviation will distract your weight loss progress. People often feel relaxed after achieving remarkable improvement in their weight loss process with the Keto diet. Keto diet supplements help solve numerous problems and hindrances related to the Ketogenic diet. The supplements boost the Ketosis process, allowing you to remain energetic and enthusiastic on your weight loss path as you quickly get significant results. Also, some of the supplements boast of supporting you against Keto sickness. While some people have recorded massive success using Keto supplements to support their weight loss goals, others claim they failed to achieve a significant result with the Keto diet despite supporting it with the Keto diet supplements.

For this reason, we find it worthwhile to guide our readers in their decision-making process as they intend to get a suitable and effective Keto supplement. It would be best to understand that this is not an advert or paid promotional post designed to advertise some products. Still, the article aims to give our readers the best information and guide them in making decisions. This made us explain the criteria behind the listing and ranking supplements we regard as the best Keto supplement for 2021.

The Best Keto Supplement in 2021

We have used different information from the manufacturers, labs tests, and the science behind the manufacturers’ approach to validate our listing and ranking. The ingredients used and the scientific proof backing the composition of the ingredients were also considered. We have done this to sieve out the rotten eggs as many Keto supplements do not live up to their claims: help you speed up the Ketosis process in the body, support you against Keto sickness, and accelerate weight loss, among others. It takes an excellent supplement to be able to offer all these benefits. We also considered the reputation of these manufacturers and feedback from customers. Even though some of the Keto supplements on this list are new in the market, surfacing last year or this year, we could obtain information about their reputation and what users say about their products.

BioTRUST Keto Elevate


BioTRUST Keto Elevate is a viable Keto supplement for effective weight loss via the Keto diet. This supplement supplies the body with 100% C8 MCT to stimulate the production of ketones, thus forcing the body to enter Ketosis quickly. BioTRUST Keto Elevate is an all-natural supplement that lets your body easily transit into Ketosis even when you strictly follow the Keto diet.

MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) are partially manufactured dietary fat high in ‘Ketogenicity.’ MCTs comprise long-chain triglycerides. When it enters the body, it is converted into Ketones and utilized as energy. A normal MCT oil consists of C6, C8, C10, and C12 MCTs. C8 is the most effective MCT, and that is why BioTRUST Keto Elevate uses it. C8 boosts the body’s metabolic rate, ensures the maximum fat-burning process, and prevents unbalanced insulin levels.

Joel Marion, a nutrition expert, formulates BioTRUST Keto Elevate, and the supplement comes in powder form. You will need to mix it with any liquid of your choice for daily usage.



Like other supplements on this list, it is an all-natural dietary Keto supplement that boosts the Ketones levels to force the body into Ketosis. This way, the body burns off more fats to produce energy for the brain and metabolism. The ingredients in this supplement were carefully selected and combined for effective weight loss results. Aside from increasing the Ketone level in the bloodstream and kick starting Ketosis, KetoCharge is also responsible for eradicating the danger of surrendering to the flu-ish symptoms associated with the Keto diet. KetoCharge achieves this by balancing the blood electrolytes in the body so that you will not experience fatigue while skipping carbs. The electrolytes increase the body’s energy levels while out of carbs.

KetoCharge lets you experience significant weight loss within the first few days you use the supplement rather than waiting for weeks. The supplement manufacturer described it as a secret weapon for burning off body fat.



The manufacturer of this supplement is Prime Health Daily. KetoBoost is an MCT oil supplement that helps the body attain Ketosis and burn off significant fat with caprylic acid. Like other supplements, KetoBoost also works by increasing the level of Ketone production in the body without any adverse effects. This function helps you burn off fats quickly as the body gets forced into using fat as an energy source rather than carbs. The producer said this supplement enables you to burn off fat and, at the same time, increases the energy level in the body for increased metabolism and mental support. Also, KetoBoost has been touted as a supplement that lets you get the best experience and benefits from the Keto diet without strictly following the diet.

Each bottle of the KetoBoost supplement contains ingredients like medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) in 2g, 700mg of capric acid, and 1.1g of caprylic acid. The MCTs in this supplement are sourced from palm oil.

KetoPower Boost


KetoPower Boost is a rapid action weight loss supplement that quickly enhances the burning of fats and provides a good energy supplement to the body for enhanced metabolism. It is often regarded as an ultimate secret that supports losing weight through the Keto diet. The producer of KetoPower Boost, HealthGen, claims that one can lose up to 18lbs in 10 days by using the supplement. It supplies the brain with energy and increases your endurance levels.

KetoPower Boost, like other supplements, helps increase the level of Ketones produced in the body so that Ketosis can be reached quickly. Thus, the body will be able to burn off fat for energy rather than carb. Ketosis has been regarded as one of the best forms of burning fats from the body. The KetoPower Boost is here to help you lessen some of the difficulties related to Ketogenic dieting.

Every bottle of KetoPower Boost includes 800mg of calcium BHB, Sodium BHB, and Magnesium BHB.

Keto Advanced


Keto Advanced is one of the top Keto supplements in the market today. If you are looking for a Keto supplement that will assist you in losing weight without any exercise or much adherence related to the Keto diet, the producer of this supplement claims Keto Advanced offers such benefits. Keto Advanced also works similarly with other supplements on this list; it helps burn fat for energy rather than carbs. This way, you will burn off more fats rapidly. You will lose weight quickly as the pill forces your body into Ketosis by increasing Ketone levels in the body. It is regarded as a conventional diet pill.

As purported by the manufacturer of Keto Advanced, you will lose a substantial amount of weight even if you eat as much as you wish and do not do any significant exercise. Another claim from the manufacturer is that you will lose up to 5lbs in the first week of Keto Advanced and 20lbs in the first month. The recommended dosage is two capsules a day. This supplement contains top ingredients that are scientifically proven to enhance effective weight loss naturally, making it one of the most effective Keto dietary supplements. It contains ingredients like BHB Ketones, which are responsible for increasing the Ketone levels in the bloodstream.

Criteria for Ranking The Best Keto Supplement

We have put in quality works to compile this article. We aim to let you know the best Keto supplements out there based on the criteria we find essential. This would help you in making better decisions. Also, we included little information on what the Keto diet is and how it works. The industry is filled with scams. Several supplements misleadingly claim the capacity to force your body into Ketosis and helping you lose a significant amount of weight within a short while. Some pills even brand themselves with the ‘Keto’ name when they do not contain any Ketogenic ingredients. This is why it is vital to be knowledgeable about Keto supplements in the market before choosing.

We have spent several hours putting together the article, listing and ranking Keto supplements from different manufacturers based on several requirements. Below are the criteria we have put in place to rate and include supplements in this list.


The ingredients in a particular supplement and the composition rate determine the level of effectiveness of the supplement. Some germane ingredients like MCTs or/and full-spectrum BHB Ketones should be found in good Keto supplements because they have been scientifically proven to support weight loss through the Keto diet. Other ingredients have been scientifically proven to help weight loss. For this reason, we have taken scientifically backed ingredients as a criterion for this ranking and listing supplements.

Clinical proven Dosages

The right ingredients are essential for the effectiveness of Keto supplements, so are the dosages. Some supplements have clinically proven backing their dosages of ingredients. The supplement becomes less effective when the level of MCTs and full-spectrum BHB Ketones used in a supplement is below the clinically proven dosage. Preference was given to supplements that have clinical proves for the dosage of their ingredients.

Label Transparency

As said earlier, the Keto supplement market is filled with numerous brands and different claims. Some are factual about the benefits they claim to offer, while others are scams. When the ingredients and the dosage of the ingredients are not displayed on the label of a supplement, one should be suspicious about the originality of such a supplement; it indicates that the manufacturer is hiding something and not transparent enough. You can quickly spot scam supplements this way. Aside from this, some companies are also not evident as they hide ingredients like caffeine, synthetic additives, or other fat-burning ingredients that are not Keto compliant. We have given preference to Keto supplements that are honest in their labeling.

Doctors or/and Scientists on the advisory board

Some Keto supplement companies include medical practitioners and expert scientists in their advisory board to ensure optimum quality check and effectiveness. This helps them ensure quality control, maintain the proper standard, and include the right ingredients in the correct dosage. However, some companies do not have such experienced persons on their board; hence, the supplements are formulated by people with no experience. This was among the criteria we held onto in listing and ranking supplements in this article.

Price & value

Almost everyone wants to enjoy maximum value for the price they pay for a good or service. We have compared the value which a Keto supplement offers to its asking price. Some supplements are expensive for no reason. Expensive supplements should have more ingredients and a higher dosage of essential ingredients for increased potency.

Reputation and ingredients source

Supplements have feedback from your customers irrespective of the time in the industry. Some supplements have got a good reputation for the quality they offer. Also, some companies source their ingredients from local supplies within the United States and manufacture their supplement under an FDA-approved facility. All these were considered in this article.

Actual benefits

Some supplements are overblown, considering the outrageous benefits they claim to offer, especially within a short time. Some argue that they can help you burn off up to 30lbs within a month without changing your diet at all or doing any exercise. Such claims are no doubt ludicrous.

Who Would Benefit from Keto Supplements?

First, it is worth noting that Keto supplements are marketed and advertised to people who want or use the Keto diet approach to burn off body fats and lose weight. Keto supplements are not suitable for people who do not follow the guidelines of the Keto diet. For Keto supplements to work for you effectively, as an admirer of the Keto diet approach to losing weight, you should start your dieting before using the pills. However, without adhering strictly to the rules and guidelines of the Keto diet, a good Keto diet supplement should assist your body in transiting into Ketosis and lose weight significantly. Also, people who adhere strictly to the Ketogenic rules can decide to use these supplements to maximize their results from the Keto diet within a shorter time.

Generically, the following are the sets of people who would greatly benefit from Keto supplements:

  • People following the Keto diet strictly and want to keep their body in fat-burning Ketosis for a very long time for maximum effect.
  • People who want to increase their metabolism while losing weight
  • People who want to improve their physical and mental energy while on the Keto diet
  • People who want to be bereft of Keto diet fatigue and sickness while on the Keto diet
  • Any person who want to burn off belly fat or fats in stubborn and tricky areas
  • Any person that wants to lose a significant amount of weight with Keto diet without following the rules of the diet strictly

Keto supplements offer you numerous benefits. It helps you remain healthy and energetic while on the Keto diet and free you from the possible weary effect of the diet. The supplements are also good in helping you maximize the benefits you get from the Ketogenic diet.

Scientific View on Keto Diet and Keto Supplement

Different scientific proofs have shown that the Ketogenic diet is beneficial to the body and efficient weight loss. Manufacturers are adding natural ingredients like MCTs, BHB Ketones, and others into Keto supplements to make the Keto diet more viable for people. Multiple scientific evidence back MCTs and BHB Ketones in raising the level of Ketones in the body.

In 2004, significant research on the Keto diet published in Experimental & Clinical Cardiology found that after 24 weeks, participants on the Keto diet had their body mass index (BMI), weight, and HDL (‘bad’) cholesterol levels reduced. The 83 participants were obese patients taking 30g of carbs, 1g/kg of body weight of protein, 80% polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat, and 20% saturated fat for 24 weeks while following the Ketogenic diet rules. The result of the research revealed that the Ketogenic diet is effective for weight loss, and no adverse effects were noticed on the participants.

Numerous research works by Harvard health on the Ketogenic diet answer question like ‘how does the body transit into the Ketosis state to rely on fat for energy sources rather than carbohydrates,’ and ‘how Ketosis works for weight loss?’ Harvard researchers gave the following responses:

  • Taking fewer carbs and more protein or fat will help reduce the stimulation of appetite hormones like insulin and ghrelin, thus decreasing your year for food.
  • Foods with high-fat content and low carbs satisfy and fill you more, dropping your food cravings and food consumption quantity.
  • Low carbs and high protein/fat-oriented food increase the production of Ketones in the body.
  • Ketones serve as an energy source and are capable of reducing hunger
  • More energy is required to convert fat and protein into an energy source, resulting in higher metabolism and calorie expenditure.
  • More fats loss and lean muscles are achieved with Ketosis.

In a 2014 study, it was also discovered that two hormones responsible for enhancing satisfaction and fulfillment, including leptin and peptide YY, can be increased with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), an essential ingredient in most Keto supplements, playing the fat-burning role. Another research also identified that two tablespoons of MCT oil accompany breakfast would reduce the yearn for food (calorie) throughout the day.

When following the Keto diet, more Ketones are needed to move the body into the ketosis state and maintain Ketosis; thus, some dietary supplements supply the body with naturally sourced exogenous Ketones. The supplements introduce beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts to increase the level of Ketones in the body for a quicker fat-burning process through the Keto diet. The Ketones introduced into the bloodstream serve as energy for the body.

The introduction of exogenous Ketones through BHB salts has been backed and proven by many research works to boost the level of Ketones in the body. A 2017 research studied a participant who took a beverage rich in BHB salts. The study revealed that the drink increased the level of Ketones in the bloodstream after checking the participant’s blood for a period of nine-hour. The beverage was able to push the participant’s body into Ketosis quickly.

Some other research works have also recognized BHB salts for increasing metabolism, cognition, inflammation, and humans’ overall general wellbeing. A group of researchers in 2018 also identified that when the Keto diet is supported BHB salts, the adverse effects of the diet are annulled and would let the user stick to the Keto diet for a long time.

Researchers at Mayo Clinic, a not-for-profit American academic medical center, found that the Keto diet could effectively protect the brain and its activities. Some other studies have also shown that the Keto diet is an efficient and effective way of controlling blood sugar in patients who have diabetes. Lastly, some views that the Keto diet can help young people with epilepsy, but such ideas have no strong backing.

It is clear that scientific studies have found the Keto diet effective for weight loss and very beneficial to the overall health; one way of staying steadfast with the Keto diet is by supporting your diet with the Keto dietary supplements.

Adverse Effects of Keto Dietary Supplements

Considering that most Keto dietary supplements contain natural ingredients, no significant adverse effect has been linked to these pills. However, it is essential to note that you should follow the recommended dosage to prevent unwanted and unexpected results.

Some people who are allergic to varieties of things may notice mild side effects. Also, some people may experience stuff like ‘Keto sickness’ or ‘Keto flu’ in their early stage of the Keto diet. In contrast, other symptoms linked to the Keto diet fat burning process are low energy and mental fog.

You should consult your doctor for proper guidance before taking any Keto supplement, especially for people who already have some medical ailments.

Keto Supplements Recommended Dosage

Most Keto supplements have their own recommended dosage by the manufacturer; that is why we recommend that an experienced person should formulate a good Keto pill in the health field. Follow the dosage instruction given by each manufacturer for the best possible result.

Keto supplements consisting of BHB salts are mainly 800mg – 1,500mg of BHB per serving. They contain about two or three different types of BHB salts: calcium, potassium, and sodium. It has been noticed that dosages below 800mg of BHB per serving are ineffective for weight loss.

On the other hand, if MCT oil or MCT oil supplement is used, you should take around 15 to 20mL per meal, amounting to about 100mL daily. Nevertheless, MCT dosage and sources differ among supplements.

Keto Diet Supplements FAQ

Q: What is Keto Diet?

A: A Keto diet is an approach to losing weight, requiring you to eat more protein/fat-rich food than carbs to help the body move into Ketosis.

Q: What is the working process of the Keto Diet?

A: Many studies and theories back the working principle of the Keto diet. All believe it is effective for weight loss. The Keto diet works in various ways: reducing the yearn for food and hunger hormones to suppress the appetite, enhancing body fat burn, increasing satisfaction, and weight loss.

Q: What is a Keto diet supplement?

A: A Keto supplement is a natural dietary supplement that contains fatty acids, BHB, and some other ingredients, which help force the body into Ketosis for an effective and efficient weight loss process.

Q: What is the function of the Keto diet supplement?

A: Keto diet supplements support your Keto diet activities to allow the body to transit into Ketosis and burn off fat quickly.

Q: How does the Keto diet supplement works?

A: Most Keto diet supplements are dedicated to increasing the production levels of Ketones in the bloodstream for quick weight loss. Ketones supply energy to the body, allowing the body to rely on fat rather than carbs.

Q: Must I adhere strictly to the Keto diet for weight loss?

A: If you support your Keto diet with Keto supplements, you would not need to strictly follow the Keto diet rules. A good Keto diet supplement helps you enter Ketosis without adhering strictly to the diet.

Q: How do I burn off body fat with the Keto diet?

A: The body can get energy through other means when deprived of the needed quantity of carb. The body then relies on fat for energy. This process can be achieved through fasting, taking low-carb foods, and Keto dietary supplements.

Q: How much weight can be lost with Keto supplements?

A: This would vary based on your body and the type of supplement used. Ideally, a good Keto supplement should help you shed off up to 5lbs a week or circa 20lbs in your first month

Q: Are Keto supplements safe for human use?

A: As said, good Keto supplements contain natural ingredients; they are safe for use. A good Keto supplement produced under an FDA-approved facility is generally recognized as safe (GRAS).

Q: What are the adverse effects of the Keto diet?

A: Due to energy drain, you may experience ‘Keto sickness’ when you start the Keto diet. Other effects include a change in the body working condition because of diet change and energy loss.

Q: Is the Keto diet different from and other low-carb diets?

A: There is a slight difference between the two. While both emphasize the consumption of low-carb diets, the Keto diet is focused on taking more fats and protein than other diets.

Q: What is the Keto flu of Keto sickness?

A: This is a condition caused by a drain of energy in the body. It is commonly experienced among first-timer Keto dieters. It is associated with symptoms like low energy, headache, or bad breath smell. However, Keto flu or Keto sickness only lasts for a limited duration.

Q: Does the Keto diet have any adverse effects on the heart or cardiovascular health?

A: Generally, it is known that foods high in fat are dangerous for the heart and cardiovascular health; however, the kind of fats you take as a Keto dieter is crucial. Fats like MCT supplements are vegan diets. Consult your doctor for a good guide on Keto.

Q: Can I drink alcohol on the Keto diet?

A: Alcohol would reverse your work progress as a Keto dieter, allowing your body to stop burning fat for energy and move out of Ketosis.

Q: What is the best Keto diet supplement?

A: That is why we have written this article for you; any high-ranked supplement on this list is a good weight loss supplement.

The Best Keto Supplement in 2021 Final Verdict

Different scientific proofs have affirmed that the Keto diet is effective for weight loss. More research works are still going on to excavate new things about the diet. The Keto diet is one of the most popular weight-loss diets globally, thanks to its effectiveness. Keto supplement will help you fast track your goals with the Keto diet, allowing you to lose a substantial amount of weight within a short while.

When purchasing a Keto dietary supplement for an effective weight loss and fat burning process, you need to be careful. There are quality and effective Keto supplements that contain 100% natural ingredients. In contrast, some supplements contain synthetic chemicals and some harmful substances that can adversely affect your body.

We are hopeful that this guide, “the best Keto supplement to buy in 2021,” will help you make the best decision. We worked hard to get the article in place for you and tried to verify each supplement before listing them; now, the choice is yours to make. You will have to decide which supplement is the best fit for your goal.

We have given you brief information about each Keto supplement on this list and some of the ingredients used. When these formulas are used correctly and in the recommended dosage, you will get a quick result. Your body will easily transit into the Ketosis stage for rapid weight loss and fat burning process. We recommend that you combine this supplement with Keto diet rules and exercise.

Lastly, it would be best to meet your doctor for proper Keto supplements before using them. This will help prevent getting unwanted results.

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