Cooks share recipes, ideas, kitchen tips on Instagram

Nitya Jain recently made this curry called Pav Bhaji to celebrate the inauguration of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Austinites seem to be cozying themselves up to the stove even more than ever right now. 

Since the start of the new year, I’ve been seeing so many roasts and toasts and breads and pies on the #Austin360Cooks hashtag on Instagram. We’ve been encouraging people to use that hashtag to share their home cooking projects for almost seven years. It’s become a reliable source of inspiration for Austin food lovers who are looking for ideas for what to cook next or who want to meet friendly cooks who share their love for backyard barbecues and sheet pan suppers. 

As we start a new month, I wanted to look back on what folks were cooking in January to provide some culinary inspiration. Some of these contributors also post recipes on their own food blogs, while others share tips and tricks in the comments of their Instagram posts. It’s wonderful to scroll through the hashtag and see so many enthusiastic cooks opening the doors to their kitchens through this social media platform. It’s not the same as going over to their house for dinner and feeling the warmth of their stove, but until we can more safely enjoy food together, it’s not a bad way to feel some of that hospitality. 

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Feel free to add #Austin360Cooks to your culinary posts on social media. I hope to share a community roundup like this each season of the year ahead.