Corfu Hotel – Try the Traditional Cuisine Made of Local Ingredients

Corfu Island is located on the vast Ionian Sea. Over the years it has become a popular tourist destination among travelers. This island enjoys pleasant climatic conditions. You will not find a perfect sunny weather during your stay on this island and maybe some showers. Corfu’s beautiful verdant vegetation is due to the island receiving the highest rainfall that results in scores of vegetables and herbs to thrive in this region. The vast mountains are interrupted by valleys of olive plantations and other local vegetable products that are grown by the villagers. Corfu’s cuisine in fact has played a significant role in developing the tourism infrastructure on this island.

At a Corfu hotel, you can observe that a lot of importance is given to the food that is served to guests and visitors. One Corfu hotel is distinguished from another by that very special item that is available at the Corfu hotel restaurant. There are plenty of famous Corfu dishes that can be available at the Corfu hotel of your choice. These dishes can be sampled into two categories, one that has subtle Mediterranean flavors and another that has strong Venetian flavors. Use of large proportions of olive oil in the dishes can be observed. The Mediterranean dishes usually comprise of meat, fish, vegetables and olive oil whereas the Venetian dishes consist of spicy mixture of different ingredients and pasta.

When you are staying at a certain Corfu, do not hesitate to try out the local, traditional dishes, like pastitsada, strapatsada and sofrito. All these dishes are mainly non vegetarian that include beef, fish, sausages, meat and beacon. Sea food is also fantastic in Corfu. Frequently, a Corfu hotel will have restaurants dedicated to sea food entirely. The locals like to cook fresh fish. The famous fish dishes include “Bourdeto” that is a spicy fish stew and “Bianco” which is a white fish soup with an overwhelming potion of garlic. Fish is basically baked or grilled, so that the flesh attains a typical smoky flavor and then it is seasoned with herbs, olive oil and lemon juice.

Meat however is cooked in a different style. In traditional dishes, people will opt for lamb. Whereas pork, beef and chicken are also some of the famous options. Meat is grilled or roasted along with onions and garlic.

Corfu is famous for its wines as well. Each and every hotel has a wine cellar where some of the best wines are preserved. Some wines in a Corfu hotel can be very costly whereas others are quite affordable. You will certainly find a wide range of red, white and rose wines on the island. If you doubt which is the best, you can ask the staff of your Corfu hotel. The locals always know better.

At the local taverns and restaurants, or even in the cafeteria of your hotel, you will see plenty of dishes served with Ginger Beer. This drink was brought to the island by the British people way back in 1860 and has been in vogue till today. If you have a sweet tooth, then Corfu cuisine can provide you with the perfect sweet dishes. Some of the popular ones are Mandolato and Tiganites. Seasonal fruit based ice-creams are also very popular.

Syrups and marmalade made from Kumquat is a huge favorite. Each morning at a Corfu hotel kitchen, all the food items that will be served for that day are arranged. Fresh products from the village farms are collected and brought to the kitchen and then the cooking for the day begins. The Corfu hotel chefs are renowned for their expertise in cooking and eclectic knowledge about the various gastronomic delights. Such factors make cuisine of a Corfu hotel very special and attractive to travelers.

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