Dal Dhokli Is a Traditional, Healthy, Delicious and Wholesome Gujarati Dish!

Gujarati cuisine is primarily a vegetarian cuisine. A typical Gujarati thali apart from other items contains a traditional delicacy called Dal Dhokli (saucy dumpling cooked in lentil curry). Dal Dhokli is known to have originated in Gujarat state, though few people believe that the dish belongs to Rajasthan. This dish is also popular in Maharashtra and many other states of India.

Dal Dhokli is actually a variation of dal and roti, which is the wholesome staple diet of masses in India. Typically Dal is cooked separately as per the taste preference and Roti is prepared separately. Both these things are then served as a single dish Dal and Roti, whereas Dal Dhokli is a one pot dish, which is flavored with a variety of spices and condiments making it delicious as well as completely wholesome. It is made with pieces of seasoned dough (wheat flour) cooked in lentils and topped off with a striking tempering, lemon juice and fresh coriander leaves. Lentils gravy is first prepared to liquid/soup consistency and the dumplings are then added and cooked further to make saucy consistency like yummy and delicious dish.

Dal Dhokli can be prepared in different taste variations as per the taste of people and like typical dal roti it is rich in proteins, iron, calcium and dietary fiber. The dish is a healthy and nutritious meal that offers sufficient nutrition to the body. It is also a good source of nutrition for all age groups including kids and can be served as meal by itself.

People sometimes find it difficult to prepare Dal Dhokli because of lack of time or expertise to prepare this dish. They may have many alternatives like junk food or fast food, which are easily available as choice of food, but they keep craving for homely dishes like Dal Dhokli / Daal and Roti. Those looking for easier and handy version of Dal Dhokli can now opt for Ready to cook Actchawa Indian Daal Rotii, which is a simple two minute recipe available as packaged food. The ready mix version contains Roti pieces along with cooked daal available as powder form in the packet. One needs to just add water and cook the preparation for two minutes to make tasty and delicious Dal Dhokli with traditional taste. This ready mix preparation can really be a boon during offshore family vacations and for the bachelors staying away from their family.

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