Historic Italian Village building begins new life as Budd Dairy Food Hall opens in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)– After more than three years of planning and renovations, the historic Budd Dairy Co. building in Italian Village begins a new life Tuesday as the Budd Dairy Food Hall.

“Our team, both operationally here at Budd Dairy and our team at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, we feel this is the perfect time,” said Budd Dairy Food Hall general manager Jeremy Hughes. “We know people want to get out.”

Budd Dairy Food Hall is different than other Cameron Mitchell restaurants. They have partnered with different Columbus chefs to serve 10 vastly different types of cuisine. Nine of the partners are permanent fixtures, while one kitchen called “Hatch” will rotate every few weeks featuring different chefs.

“Our chef partners [are] the best you could ask for. They’re the heart and soul of what we’re doing here, and just to see how they’ve come together, the product they’re putting out, it’s amazing. Everyone is in for a real treat,” Hughes added.

Chef partners at Budd Dairy Food Hall:

The Budd Dairy Co. building and plant was open in 1916 and operated as one of the largest milk producers in the eastern United States until 1967. It was designated to the National Register of Historic Places list in 2017.

“It was also a community hub for what was to become Italian Village and beyond. People used to gather here for political functions, for luncheons, social clubs. They used to get the AM radio station out of Pittsburgh and get together upstairs in what’s now known as Simon’s Bar,” explained Hughes. “So we get to, a little over 100 years later, recreate that sense of community and be this meeting place for a lot of different people around the city of Columbus.”

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