History Of Some Of The Popular Indian Caterers

Undoubtedly, Indian food has gained a lot of popularity all over the world. There is not a continent where Indian food is not served copiously. Although, the Indian influence in food first travelled to Europe due to the British India Company, it was not long before travellers from Europe carried this taste to other parts of the world.

It takes a lot of time and effort to learn true Indian food as it is one of the most complex and massive cuisines of the world. Unlike some other cuisines, where variations and inventions are taking place every day, the bulk amount of famous dishes in Indian cuisine are very traditional and their history dates back to more than a couple of centuries. Indian cuisine is basically an art that can only be delivered when it is truly felt and understood. With its rich and abundant use of spices and other ingredients, it is able to deliver countless dishes to those who are hungry for delectable and flavourful tastes.

Famous and authentic Indian restaurants can be found in almost every big country. Those who are not able to build a restaurant at first or who don’t want to, start off with a small scale catering business which later expands depending upon the quality of food they serve and the appreciation they receive.

The popularity of some of the best Indian caterers in Europe and America also started the same way. However, if we were to trace back the history of all the popular Indian caterers, then we would reach the times when British India Company started trade with India. While bringing back spices from India, they also brought back some enthusiasts on their ship who dropped off in Britain and started to earn their livelihood by selling cooked food as some of them were able cooks.

Some of the best caterers earned a lot of popularity soon enough because the British recruits who were returning to their homeland became hungry for the same taste that they experienced in India. This led to the popularity of some of the Indian dishes that are still well known today like, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tandoori, Mutton Pulao, Rogan Josh, Palak Paneer and the likes.

Indian caterers who were able to provide quality and authentic food to their customers soon became well known and now after many years, their chain of restaurants and/or catering service is widespread in the country.

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