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If you are exhausted of pet hair…everywhere… this giveaway is for you! Go through far more about the Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum below! 

Hoover Cordless PetVacuum Giveaway

About The Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum

  • CORDLESS: Provides wire-free ease with the detachable and rechargeable ONEPWR 4. Ah MAX battery
  • Ideal FOR Pets: Tackle stubborn pet hair and grime by way of out the dwelling
  • Ultra Lightweight : Weighs much less than 9 lbs when you lift it, feels like 2 lbs when you recline it and start off vacuuming(1)
  • Holds 3X Far more Filth AND PET HAIR: Bigger dust cup ability than a adhere vacuum for considerably less outings to the trash can (2)
  • Fantastic FOR CARPET AND HARDFLOOR: On/Off brushroll helps effortlessly changeover from carpets to hard flooring with the touch of a button
  • What is Involved: Evolve Pet, ONEPWR 4. Ah MAX Battery, Charger

Product Description 

The ONEPWR Evolve Pet delivers light-weight cordless everyday advantage, best for all those with furry close friends at household. This compact and lightweight style and design provides you the least difficult thoroughly clean, weighing less than 9 lbs. when you carry it from area to area, although it only feels like 2 lbs. in the take care of as you recline it to vacuum so your arms won’t get fatigued from cleaning. Lift all the embedded grime and pet hair from your carpet or your really hard flooring and maneuver all-around furniture devoid of stressing about a wire. In addition, love 3X far more potential than a stick vacuum so you really don’t have to vacant all that puppy dog hair and grime each few minutes. Equipped with an anti-microbial brush-roll and a pet odor filter the ONEPWR Evolve Pet is the new remedy to all the pet fans seeking for the suitable clear.

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Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Giveaway

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