How a Raw Vegan Diet Slows and Even Reverses Aging!

The raw vegan diet is a powerful one. It is the diet the human body was designed for and thrives on. Just think about it, all the other animals in the wild eat raw foods. Have you ever seen a lion or tiger with heart disease or cancer? Or how about a chimpanzee or Gorilla with grey hair or a belly? No, they are all beautiful, energetic and youthful until the day they die.

Most people don’t know what an amazing machine their body is because they feed it toxins and junk foods all day, which are killing them slowly instead of helping them thrive. When you eat a raw vegan diet, you will first detox; but once you get through that, and along the way, you will experience many amazing benefits. This article discusses how a raw vegan diet slows aging and even reverses it!

One of my favorite benefits received on a raw vegan diet, is slowing and even reversing aging. I didn’t think this was possible until I saw a video on raw vegan Annette Larkins on YouTube. She looks like a hot 40 year old, but she is over 70 years old! Look her up! She has been eating raw vegan for the past 27 years and looks amazing. When I saw her and other youthful looking raw vegan senior citizens, I knew it was something I had to try. I actually look younger than when I started my raw vegan diet a few years ago. My lips are plumper, my skin is softer, and people tell me I look younger somehow. So there are a few good examples of slowing or reversing aging on a raw vegan diet, but how is this scientifically possible?

There are many reasons but here are the most important ones. Raw foods such as fruits and veggies, contain anti-oxidants which fight free radicals. Free radicals cause premature aging and health problems. Free radicals are found everywhere from pollution, to fried foods, to microwaving food, to radiation, smoke and so on. The anti-oxidants in raw foods, such as fruits and veggies help combat this damage and help you look younger.

In addition, raw vegan foods still contain their enzymes in tact. Enzymes are required for every metabolic purpose in your body. You need them for energy and when you run out you die. The human body is born with a certain amount of enzymes and does not make more. When you cook foods you destroy 100% of the enzymes. Thus you body has to use its own enzyme reserve to code the cooked foods and make them digestable. This means you have a shorter lifespan.

Raw foods such as fruits and veggies are packed with the nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy body. When you eat unhealthy foods, you do not supply your body with proper nutrition and malnutrition leads to premature aging. Plus your body has to cope with toxins and chemicals instead of real food. What a load for the body to deal with.

And finally, when you eat raw foods your body can deal with stress better. Many raw fruits and veggies provide adaptogens which helps the body naturally deal with stress in a more healthy and calm fashion. The maca vegetable is just one example. Stress is one of the biggest factors when it comes to premature aging. Stress ages people faster than just about anything else. There are many studies to back this up but just look around you at people who tend to stress a lot and you will know what I am talking about. Everyone knows grey hairs are caused by stress, and that is just one example.

So in conclusion, a raw vegan diet is the best way to avoid premature aging, slow aging, and even reverse aging. To get started on your raw journey and go high or full raw visit

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