How Greek Food Can Transform a Boring Diet

So what are the main Greek Foods that the typical Greeks would Eat? One popular Greek dish is kotopoulou lemonato or Lemon Chicken this is just basically a fresh chicken with sliced roast potatoes seasoned with salt pepper Freshly squeezed lemons,oregano drenched with extra virgin olive oil roasted to perfection.

Another tasty Greek Dish is Yemista. (Peppers and Tomatoes stuffed with rice a little onion tomato sugar),roasted in the oven in olive oil with potatoes served with fresh bread from the bakery to dip in the olive oil.

Horiatiki is a Greek tomato salad served with feta cheese and Greek Olives sprinkled with oregano a touch of vinegar and olive oil. One of my personal favorites Souvlaki is another popular Greek Dish it is Pork marinated in a special marinate served in pitta bread. Served with some Greek salad and topped with tzatziki my favorite yogurt and garlic dip it is delicious.

Taramasalata is a dip made from cods roe breadcrumbs, lemon, olive oil which is very tasty eaten with pitta bread as a starter or with fresh bread from the baker.

Moussaka is also very popular though I would say it is one of the few less healthy Greek dishes it comprises of a layer of fried potatoes layer of minced lamb in a tomato sauce layer of fried aubergine or eggplant.Then another layer of minced lamb topped off with a bechamel sauce with cheese before being roasted in the oven for 30 minutes.

A tip for making your moussaka healthier is to fry the potatoes and aubergines in olive oil instead of vegetable oil.

My father used to make a delicious trout stew with olive oil, onions white wine potatoes fresh tomato all thrown in to the pot and some Greek herbs just simmered for an hour. Which was really tasty not to mention healthy This was some of the Greek Food I used to eat as a child and as an adult but when you look at the amount of people eating McDonalds KFC and food from a chip shop filled with cholesterol.

It is easy to feel sorry for them and think there must surely be something better than this.

So if you are looking to live longer and have a healthy diet why don’t you give This Greek Cooking a try what have you got to lose.

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