How to Install Your Wine Cooler in Simple Steps 

Ideas for Installing a Built-In Wine Cooler in your Kitchen

Need an effective method of storing your wine collection at a proper temperature without worrying about space? By getting a wine chiller, you can keep your wine at a cool temperature while giving your interior a luxury look at the same time. In this article, we provide a guide on installing your wine cooler refrigerator in six simple steps. 

Step 1: Choose a suitable cooler refrigerator

The first step to installing your wine cooler is to get the best wine cooler refrigerator. Some of the unique features you should look out for include; the temperature range, active fan, ability to keep a constant temperature, low noise, and more. Wine fridges must be able to keep your wine under an optimal temperature for a long time. 

The wine cooler you will buy must be energy efficient with an insulation feature to protect the taste of your wine so it doesn’t lose flavour. Wine coolers are supposed to have blue LED lighting and a display panel. Confirm the warranty of your wine cooler before purchasing it. 

Step 2: choose the right location

The location of your wine cooler matters, so you must pick the right location. Choose a location that will best stand out. Measure the space your wine cooler refrigerator will be in after choosing the right location. The location must be spacious enough for ventilation. Although wine coolers come with ventilation at the front, you must ensure that the side ventilation is not restrained to avoid overheating. 

Step 3: check out your power supply

You must ensure that your wine cooler is closer to a power source because it will prevent the use of extensions. You must avoid any issue that might disqualify your warranties. 

Step 4: Prepare the space

Installing your wine cooler is quite easy if you have sorted out the space. After you have prepared the space, all you have to do is position your wine cooler in the space. 

If your wine cooler comes with mounting plates, use a screwdriver to attach them to a cabinet to secure them.

Step 5: Ensure your wine cooler is balanced

Make sure your wine refrigerator is balanced so it doesn’t damage your wine bottle. Maintain a balanced level and try adjusting the feet at the bottom. You can use the user manual to ensure that you are not adjusting the feet wrongly. However, it is a simple process that you can fix with your hands. 

Step 6: Wait for a few hours

After installing your wine cooler refrigerator, wait for two hours before using it. This is to ensure that the gas settles before switching it on. 

You can proceed to enjoy your wine cooler refrigerator and store your wine collection