How To Say Merry Christmas in Spanish and Celebrate Xmas in Colombia

In today’s lesson you will learn how to say Merry Christmas in Spanish and you will also learn some Spanish words that are used in Colombia. You will also learn how Christmas is celebrate in Colombia. A great deal of today’s lesson is actually from a journal entry from Christmas 2007 that I found in my personal journal. I would like to share my journal entry with you because it will help you learn some new Spanish words. But let’s begin with how to say Merry Christmas in Spanish:

Feliz Navidad

Now that you know how to say Merry Christmas in Spanish, here’s a phrase that I am accustomed to saying after Christmas dinner:

Estoy lleno – I am full

Now here’s my journal entry from Christmas 2007:

I just had a typical Colombian Christmas dinner. Consisting of “pollo relleno” (chicken stuffed with meat, eggs, olives), ” buñuelos” (I’d describe these as fried cheese balls), “natilla” (raw sugar pudding).

I decided to wash it all down with a glass of “vinto tinto chileno” (red wine from Chili).

I would also describe the “natilla” as a pudding or custard. And “natilla” is the traditional dessert that Colombians serve for Christmas Eve dinners and the Christmas holidays. It is also served during the Novenas to the Virgin Mary.

The “Novenas” consist of a recitation of prayers and devotions for nine consecutive days. Like other Spanish-speaking countries, Catholicism is the main religion of Colombia.

The buñuelos that I had are also a traditional food that is served here in Colombia during the Novenas to the Virgin Mary during the Christmas Holidays, from December 15th to the 24th.

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