New Haven couple debuts Mexican-Italian food truck, offering ‘food that’s made with love’

NEW HAVEN — A decades-long dream now is a reality for Saul and Maria Torres, and the couple is looking forward to hungry customers experiencing their Mexican-Italian offerings, food they say is “made with love.”

“Someday we’re going to have a restaurant, someday we’re going to have a food truck,” Maria Torres said. The Mexican immigrant family’s fantasy has come to life through the Alegría Café food truck, a new spot for breakfast and lunch downtown on Grove Street at the corner of Hillhouse Avenue.

While Maria Torres likes Mexican food, Saul Torres loves Italian cuisine — so they agreed on a fusion and separated the cooking duties. She brings her family-recipe tamales to the table, while Saul chimes in with his experience in Italian dishes from his work at Italian restaurants in the city.

“We have burritos, we have quesadillas, we have salads and we have paninis,” Maria Torres said. “Little by little we are going to extend the menu and learn from the business because we are new on everything.”