These are the most hated Christmas candies of 2020 | Food and Cooking

In a recent survey, asked more than 11,000 customers for their opinions on what Christmas candy is the worst.

The top 10 weren’t all that different from previous years. Also like other years, people’s least favorite were among the most popular candy sold during the holiday season.

“They often contradict metrics like sales data,” Ben George with wrote on the company’s blog. “Some of the biggest sellers are also mentioned below as the most hated. Their popularity only serving to enhance the vitriol from those whose opinions have been shaped the other way,” 

For some perspective, this map shows this year’s most popular candy in each state.

While many states prefer Reese’s cups and chocolate Santas, there are several where peppermint bark and reindeer corn come out on top. And yes, both of those are on the following list.

Here’s a look at the top, or rather bottom, 10, as well as some customer comments, just for fun: