This Key Factor Affects Our Health On A Daily Basis, Can You Guess What It Is?

This is beyond doubt that our ancestors lived a longer and healthier life than an average person does today. Besides the obvious pollutants present in the environment, there is an even more important factor that is slowly deteriorating our health on a daily basis. The culprit is hidden in our kitchen – yes, it’s your cooking pot!

Although our eating habits have a direct impact on our health and well-being, for example, eating too much of junk food increases cholestrols levels and creates a deficiency of proteins and vitamins. Even if you are having a healthy diet regularly with just the right balance of essential nutrients, you may not see the desired impact on your health. This is because how you cook your food greatly decides its nutritional value.

If you are cooking food in conventional cookware, you are greatly reducing its health value. The metal and chemical toxins from metal and ceramic pot leach into food and contaminate it. The harsh heat destroys delicate nutrients like complex carbohydrates, flavonoids, phytonutrients etc. and their effect is clearly visible when the cooked food tastes bland and loses its natural color.

The water soluble nutrients can not be stored in the body so we need them from food on a daily basis. These are available as steam during cooking that has to be released before you can open the pot’s lid due to extreme steam pressure. Just like other delicate nutrients, the water soluble nutrients are lost as well.

Can you guess what we can do to avoid this? Let me help you:

If only we can switch to the same cookware our ancestors used to cook in, we can greatly improve our health. We must ditch the conventional and start cooking in pure clay pots and pans. This cookware doesn’t leach and cooks food with food friendly far infrared heat – saves delicate nutrients. Also, they have excellent steam management – the lid being cooler than the pot during cooking causes all the steam to condense on the inner surface of the lid and keep falling back into the food. This saves water soluble nutrients.

Eating food cooked in pure clay slowly cleanses out the already accumulated toxins in body organs and heals your body of common health problems like diabetes, blood pressure and common sicknesses.

Being fully biodegradable, pure clay pots and pans are equally good for the planet too! Thousands of people have permanently switched to unglazed pure clay cookware for the sake of their family’s health, when are you joining them?

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