Yakiniku Osen Serves A5 Wagyu at Upscale Japanese Barbecue in Silver Lake

Quietly, Osen restaurant group has been capturing the attention of Japanese food items followers in Silver Lake and Santa Monica. Izakaya Osen has regularly been 1 of the finest Japanese ingesting dining places at its Sunset Boulevard place although Kappo Osen in Santa Monica provides upscale sushi and prepared dishes on the Westside. Opening on August 2, Yakiniku Osen serves chef Damon Cho’s intimate wagyu tasting menu showcasing raw A5 wagyu and supremely fatty grilled meats in Silver Lake.

Just one noteworthy distinction with the eating room setup are the individualized tabletop grills, which is a rare sight in either Japanese or Korean barbecue. That’s mainly because these foods tend to be a lot more communal functions, with sliced meats and other dishes established to share in squared tables (which Yakiniku Osen does supply). But Cho conceived Yakiniku Osen for a a lot more solo working experience (although diners can appreciate meals side-by-facet), with each grill possessing its possess exhaust method overhead at the bar.

Cho also created Yakiniku Osen as a parade of mainly A5 wagyu, the greatest excellent developed in Japan, nevertheless American wagyu also goes into just one dish. The meal begins with crispy gimbugak (seaweed coated in glutinous rice paste) topped with yukhoe, the classic chopped and marinated Korean uncooked beef dish. For a lavish end, yukhoe arrives laced with Santa Barbara uni and caviar.

Next is yet another tartare dish, but this time a lot more of the French fashion with A5 wagyu capped with a uncooked egg yolk. A minari (the Korean h2o parsley just after which the 2020 film was named) salad also has more chopped A5 wagyu ribeye (critically, there’s a lot of wagyu listed here) tossed in a miso dressing. That’s adopted by a katsu sando working with fried American wagyu smeared with mustard dressing amongst milk bread slices. The starters close with a refreshing cold udon dish with a frozen granita-like dashi broth in the sudachi design and style, while with lime rather of the Japanese citrus. In the premium version of the tasting menu, these noodles come with ikura (salmon roe), amaebi (raw whole location prawn), and uni.

Once the meat lastly turns to the grill, there are three kinds of A5 wagyu: marinated tare slices, salted slices, and zabuton (nicely-marbled limited rib). These are served in either two- or 4-ounce variations in excess of a charcoal-gas combination grill with open up grates and contemporary wasabi and yuzu koshi as sauces. As for pricing, it is unclear what the meal will cost, assume to pay back a significant cost for the special working experience.

LA has seen its fair share of upscale tabletop grilled meat in current several years, from Yazawa in Beverly Hills, Ta-maen in Lomita, and Yakiya in Hacienda Heights, as very well as a slew of Koreatown places like Daedo and Tenraku. It’ll be appealing to see how Cho’s solution, which has by now struck gold with Izakaya and Kappo, will participate in out at this new Japanese barbecue location.

Yakiniku Osen opens August 2 with several hours from 5 to 10 p.m. Sunday to Thursday, and right until 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Reservations can be made listed here.

Spread at Yakiniku Osen in Silver Lake.

Distribute at Yakiniku Osen in Silver Lake.