Hilde Lee: Numerous countries have exceptional local foodstuff specialties | Foodstuff & Cooking

In the earlier, French cooks threaded cocks’ combs on decorative skewers to embellish dishes for official dinners. If they were being to be eaten, they were stuffed, deep fried and served as hors d’oeuvres. Or they had been sandwiched concerning two big grilled mushrooms and put on a slice of fried bread.

Snails are most likely the most renowned French delicacies. The custom of eating them goes again to the Center Stone Age, when folks of the Pyrenees devoured them by the dozens.

Two kinds of snails are eaten: the gros Bourgogne, which grows fats and chubby on a diet program of French vine leaves, and the smaller sized Helix pomatia, the popular back garden snail of France, England, and North America. It also feasts on these kinds of leaves. The snails are applied to make a beloved snail dish — escargots a la bourguignon. It will come to the desk with scorching garlic butter.

Frogs’ legs are usually imagined to be a French connoisseur address, but because World War II, they have come to be extra common in North The usa, England and the relaxation of Europe. Frogs are now specifically elevated for gourmet food items all over the earth. They are fast to cook dinner, and served with a delicate wine sauce.

In Guinea and Central and South The us, iguana meat is cooked and served. However, only the back of this lizard is eaten. Together the coastline in Mexico, iguana also is a normal food items product.