A Complete Blue Zones Diet Food List and 7-Day Meal Plan

Comply with this program for a week to start off eating like a centenarian. There are no suggested part sizes or calorie counts on the blue zones food plan — just be mindful and try to eat till you are no for a longer period hungry but not until you are total. Because people today in the blue zones eat meat only sparingly, we’ve included vegetarian recipes in this article.

Working day 1

Breakfast Oatmeal with berries and nuts

Lunch Sardinian-style pizza

Snack Handful of nuts

Meal Hearty minestrone soup

Day 2

Breakfast Sweet potato hash with veggies

Lunch Black bean burger with lettuce and tomato on sourdough

Snack A handful of combined nuts

Meal Tofu steak with mushrooms

Day 3

Breakfast Banana nut smoothie

Lunch Grain bowl with veggies and beans

Snack Miso soup with veggies

Meal Ratatouille

Day 4

Breakfast Granola with nuts and fruit

Lunch Black bean and potato soup

Snack Roasted chickpeas

Dinner Ceviche with hearts of palm, onion, pepper, and cilantro

Working day 5

Breakfast Tropical fruit salad with nuts and coconut

Lunch Butternut squash soup

Snack Black bean dip with crudité

Evening meal Vegetarian gumbo

Working day 6

Breakfast Veggie hash with corn and onions

Lunch Cream of pumpkin soup with soy milk and pepitas

Snack Hummus with veggies

Meal Lentil salad with garlic and herbs

Working day 7

Breakfast Banana-berry smoothie with soy milk

Lunch Jackfruit poke

Snack Coconut chia pudding with almonds

Evening meal Porcini mushroom risotto