How to eat healthy with rising food prices

(CNN) – The rise in food costs is hitting wallets hard at the grocery store.

The latest inflation report shows the cost of groceries has surged by almost 12%. That is the largest year-on-year increase since 1979.

Staples like eggs, fish and meat are seeing the largest jump in prices.

”Right now, it’s safe to say that just eating is getting more expensive, but you’re still able to find some really inexpensive, healthy options,” said registered dietitian Amy Patton.

To cut your grocery bill, Patton says make more meatless meals by using beans and lentils as protein instead.

Because pre-cut fruits and veggies are pricey, Patton also recommends cutting your own vegetables. She also says buying frozen or canned produce can be cheaper, and just as nutritious.

”I’d rather someone who’s eating on a very tight budget go for a canned vegetable and rinse it off versus not getting in a vegetable at all,” Patton said.

Choosing store brands can also help save money. Always stick to your grocery list and never shop when you’re hungry.

Stocking up on healthy staples you can use in multiple meals is also a great money-saving tip.

”Maybe you’re making a big stew or big stir-fry and you’re using a recipe that calls for a cup of celery for example. Maybe you take that celery and you dice it up or slice it and then you have it for snacks with hummus or peanut butter,” Patton said.

Patton also says buying in bulk can help you save money. If your store has bulk bins, bring your own container and scoop out the amount you need.

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